2013 Recipient

Alright! Who’s gettin’ the money??

It is with great honor that I tell you now about this year’s recipients. I say “recipients” because Amy Douglas has a 2 year old son, Samuel and is pregnant with her second child. Her husband Christopher, also known as Chris or Topher or Toph or Douglas or Bubbles (don’t ask) was killed on duty this last July on the I10 freeway. The crew had stopped to don their PPE for a rollover accident when Chris was struck by a motorist exiting the off ramp.

I think we all have an idea of the potential danger of this job. And we know that “other people” get killed from time to time. But imagine if it was you. Just let that sink in for a sec…

Now, I have 5 kids (it’s not my fault, my wife was born with 15 ovaries and ovulates an average of 30 to 31 days a month, if we’re lucky, 28 every four years), any way… when I told her about this year’s recipient, she sat down (she NEVER sits down). I watched as the heart of my little wife imagined what it would be like if she was alone, now! Not in 50 years, but today, in the prime of life, little kids at her feet, vacations planned, dreams in motion, now! And then it became real.

Chris is gone. Amy is on her own. Samuel’s memory of his dad will be foggy at best and the little bun in the oven will know her father only through stories and pictures. No audible laugh, no scratchy nuzzle, no cheering in the stands, no bestowing of dad’s approval, no dad. It’s tragic.

So how can we help? We Fire, are a family. You can knock on the door of any fire station in the nation and will probably be welcome. I stopped by a fire house in Kelowna BC. The Chief answered the door, welcomed me in, showed me around and gave me his sweatshirt in exchange for my station shirt. That’s our family. Chris is our brother. He is gone and has left his family in our care. The State, unfortunately (and predictably), is dragging their feet with due funds and Chris’ Riverside brothers have been washing cars and selling baked goods to pay his bills. Amy is due on February 1st, 2014 and will do what any momma bear would do to care for her children after that. But until she can get there, let’s help her out. Normally you’d feel guilty paying $20 for a shirt and $50 for a sweatshirt, not today! Normally you’d temper your alcoholic consumption to a decent level as to avoid embarrassment and imprisonment, not this October 14th! Normally you wouldn’t donate $1000 on a Monday night at your local brewery, but you may this Stache-Tober. What I’m getting at here people, is that our brother is begging for our help from the other side, what is your response?

All donations and benefit products can be purchased at http://stachetoberfest.net Do it now, you’ll be selfish by morning J