2018 Final Results

Disclosure: As with every year, the final results are two fold. 1st: the re$ults and 2nd: the Polito soap box= life lessons learned. I have highlighted the “results” in red. If you have no interest in matters of the heart, read the red and delete! Enjoy:

Oh what a night?!

I’ll be honest, 2 weeks before the Fest, Brad and I were anticipating which of our assets we were going to have to sell in order to cover the money we’d already spent. It was a real procrastination year for everyone. Our sales were at 30% of normal. But then…BOOM! Like Christmas! Everyone started buying! We put a box of t-shirts on the ambulance to take to Palomar. The staff ravaged the medics, they barely got outta there with their own shirts on. I had already sold my middle child (in anticipation of bankruptcy) on the black-market, but luckily he was on layaway and the Russians have a better return policy than Costco (although they do charge 10%-well worth it).
Before the Fest became a charity it was born out of brotherly love. Many of the symptoms discussed in the Demons article (https://stachetoberfest.org/latest-news/2018-stachetoberfest-ptsd PTSD and loss of heart) were the driving forces. We were just looking for a reason to hang out and celebrate life together. We have tried to stick to that mantra. Fun. Great conversation. Comradery. Well, looking around the other night, there was nothing but that. I didn’t get home till 2:30am and that was only after I reverted to high school and woofed down a burrito at Albertos.

Well, you folks killed it! Everyone was there, friends from the academy, medic school, other departments, city family and all the friends made in between. Justin and Jaime were there. Wendi and Dale were there. Princess Jasmine and Rollie Fingers were there too.


It was awesome! You gluttons ate 170 buffet dinners, drank 434 Smoked Porters and 1,112 other Stone beers. The mustaches were impressive as always! The judges took an

extra-long time to make a decision this year. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the 1,536 consumed Stone beers but more so the difficulty that comes with choosing between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. There were some bad mustaches, but those are my favorite. The judges did, to my dismay, choose a police officer (EPD for that matter-never gonna hear the end of it) as Mr. Stachetober…again…3rd year in a row!


What’s up with that?! Needless to say, the facial testosterone was flowing that night!

You bought a ton of raffle tickets, purchased all our silent auction items and took most of them home…except the guy who bought the Gulls tickets- “you left your prize bro, drop us an email so we can get that to you.” dom@stachetoberfest.net

Wendi and Justin were overwhelmed by your generosity. I don’t know if you all saw that beautiful American Flag carving (thank you Jeff Schulcz!)? Brandon Purdy purchased it and found himself leaving at the same time as the Bush family. He told Justin that he wanted him to have it. That is the kind of will and generosity that we are promoting here! Thank You!!!!

Last year we made $28,182. All said and done this year we will be donating $1,000 to Halos4Heros (https://www.halos4heroes.org/), $1,000 to Ashley Iverson (https://iversonfaa.org/), $16,405 to Wendi Miller, $16,405 to the Bush Family as well as $2,015 in designated donations which brings us to a grand total of


!! Holy…Moley!!!! That’ll buy a lotta eggs (free range, organic of course).

I was reading over last year’s final count and it overwhelmed me that both Dan Geary and little Sloane Skelton (last year’s recipients) have passed. Both too early.

But as I mentioned at the fest, seeing Dan’s face on last year’s video (https://stachetoberfest.org/event-videos )and additionally, seeing the videos of Sloane as well as hearing the Eulogy amidst the tears of her lovers-it forces me to value our time. Value my time with all of you, with my family, friends, all. How can we anticipate our own roads? How can we quantify or control the value that will be placed on each moment? Are not our favorite moments the ones that we didn’t anticipate? Our control makes us feel safe-yes, but it also shields us from life. Do you think the Skelton’s appreciated the baby years with Sloane more than most? Do you think anyone enjoyed their European vacation more than Dan and Chelsea? Gratefulness increases value. Where do we find more value…Margin.



mar·gin | \ˈmär-jən \

Definition of margin 

1 : the part of a page or sheet outside the main body of printed or written matter

an area, state, or condition excluded from or existing outside the mainstream

My invitation this year is to create more margin in your life.

Do you think your kid will have less chance of that college scholarship if you don’t enroll them in 4 yr old soccer this year? Do you think as an alternative, family dinners and sunset happy hours with your spouse might pay more dividends? Have you ever wondered how the pace of life and activities has excluded you from life?

Running this event has given me more perspective than I ever wanted or could have imagined having. The themes are different every year. But they all hold to a certain line. Live well! Love well! Time is precious. So I invite you to join me, Wendi, Dale, Justin, Jaime, Princess Jasmine and Rollie Fingers to scrutinize the areas of your life that do not support living well and loving well.

Who’s with me?!!

“We’re goin’ streakin’ through the quad to the gymnasium!!!!”

As always, it’s been a pleasure. Until next year…


PS- If you ordered shirts, please be patient, we are backordered. If you have not received your order, we are waiting for all sizes, etc. to arrive. Questions please email us at info@stachetoberfest.net

We have already drafted a better apparel buying/delivery system for next year, thank you for your patience.

PSS- Also, we are looking for a few dedicated folks to take on bigger roles in this charity for next year. If that sounds like your bag, let us know. volunteer@stachetoberfest.net.

Pp. (HaHa) If you are the donating type, we do good with your money all year. Consider making regular donations, thanks. We will be working on converting our website to a .org domain name, transferring over our emails and creating a subscription based donation giving platform.

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