Stache Family 2014

Hello Stache Family,

It’s that time year again. The time where I inform you that Stache-Tober Fest will be on October 15th at Stone Brewery. That the doors officially open at 5pm although the super-secret pre-drinking/set up will start at 3. I’ll inform you that 350 dinners will be served at 6pm for $30 in the garden. That a cover charge of $10 will be implemented for the 600 in attendance and will cover a complimentary smile and 7 free glasses of water. It is the time of year that I brow beat you into growing a mustache, starting September 1st or actually combing, grooming or waxing the neglected mustache you have. It is the time of year I encourage you to buy yet another 25 t-shirts for yourself, your mom, your dad, your siblings, grandparents, cousins, plumber, accountant and that one creepy barista that always gives you the wink as he hands you your Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet’N Low and One Nutrasweet on Ice, coffee.” It is the time of year I ask you to open your pockets for someone who reminds you not to take for granted your health, life, marriage or family. It is the time of year for camaraderie, the 6 week mustache brotherhood in which most wives will count down the days till it’s over and at least one lucky fellow will finally consider being a perpetual bearer of the mighty mustache. It is the time of year when new captains review their grooming standards and old ones shake their heads at some of the monstrosities produced by unruly Italians. And finally, it is the time I fire up a flare and ask for some major help. We need help getting the word out. To your departments, your friends, family, etc. The grow start for mustaches is next week, so get ready. Upload a pic of your clean shaven face next to a dated periodical (Sept 1st or later) to

We are raising funds this year for Suzeth, the 4 year old daughter of Officer Laura of Escondido PD, left behind from her murder. Suzeth is in pretty bad shape. Being that her mother is gone, her father is not in the picture and she lost much of her belongings and memories to the fire set to their home after the murder. She is currently living in a 1 bedroom apartment with her grandparents. The Escondido PD is doing a valiant job caring for Suzeth and we want to help. And this is how we do it, we grow mustaches, it’s what we do. Cops and fireman have a special relationship, we back each other up. Plus, to you civilians, the cops are watching. Each one of your bald faces is like a straight up rejection, a slap in the face. I’d imagine if you get pulled over in Escondido for doing 70 in a 40 and as the mustached cop comes to your window, you push out your upper lip and mention that you’re growing your stache for the orphaned daughter of a fallen police officer, you might get a little mercy.


So grow a stache, buy 20 shirts and get your tickets/ dinners early. We WILL sell out this year. And folks, if you appreciate your kids, your family, your health and are moved by Suzeth’s tragedy, drop some coin for her on the donation link . Donate to this sweet little 4 year old. It means, school clothes and supplies, food, healthcare and maybe a little college savings (if we really rock it!).

Thanks, you’re appreciated