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Details for the Fest: I don’t want you showing up looking like a moron:

  • October 4th, 5pm-Close
  • $20 entry fee (Pint glass included to first 500 folks) StachetoberFest – Changing the Face of Charity
  • Kids are free
  • Face Painting
  • $50= entry + dinner. This meal is a pre-order only, get ‘em while we still have ‘em. Dinner includes a one-time through buffet:
  • Bistro salad
  • Citrus garden chicken thighs (chimichurri)
  • Sausage and kraut with IPA mustard
  • Seasonal veggies
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mac & cheese
  • $10 kid’s dinner (Mac n Cheese)
  • Other Bar food will be available for $20 (Stone up charged the menu, extra charge goes to StachetoberFest).
  • Apparel: I want to apologize for the apparel this year. For many reasons, we got a late start. We are busting our butts to ship out all current orders and for those in attendance, we will have your items available to pick up at the event. If you’ve already paid shipping, you will be contacted, refunded (for shipping) and you can claim your goods at the Fest. We will also try and have a reserve of goods for purchase the night of (but if you want a guaranteed item order online now Products – StachetoberFest). That being said, we REALLY need a bored, organized, large hearted individual (s) who would be willing to take over the ordering and delivery of apparel in the future (huge endeavor). If this fits your generous self, send us an email subject line: “T-Shirt Savior.”
  • This year’s beer is in the hopper, it looks beautiful (Thanks Kris Ketcham)



I went to Stone the other night and it was normal. The parking lot was full, tables were full, the garden was full of families eating picnic style, and there were at least a dozen kids playing tag…beautiful.

It will be good to be with all of you again. Please pass the word to other departments, friends, families, and anyone who would benefit from a night of good beer and great mustaches. There is no mask requirement at the brewery, just recommendations. Do what is best for yourself and your familial situation. Also, if you’re funny and from a different dept., shoot me an email ( ), I have some questions for you concerning the annual roast. If I can get enough information, the roast will commence, if not I’ll just rip on Escondido and San Marcos :). Thanks everyone for your support through the years, it raises the heart.