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Aloha, fellow Haole’s (that’s “white boy,” for the white boys) and other various color of humans! StachetoberFest is fast approaching. After a rough season in life/work, everyone needs a vacation. So that’s the focus of this year. We’re taking a break from it all, Island-themed Fest at Stone Brewery, October 3rd. So, pull out your coconut bras and grass skirts…and tell your wives and girlfriends to dress up too. A vacation is due.

We’ve decided against the rain for this year, we already put in a formal request with the Lord, for clear skies and warm nights. No one enjoys a coconut bra when it’s wet and cold out, and I mean no one. There’s nothing more embarrassing while drinking with your friends and they say. “Franky, your nipples are bleeding! SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A KLEENEX!!” Not good! But…if it is cold, we’ll bamboozle you into buying a sweatshirt, it’s a decent coverup and new sweatshirts are gentle on scabbing nipples.

Here’s the skinny:

Save the date!
Find us a family to support!
Start growing your Umi Umi (8/22)!
Don’t be a douche bag!
More to follow…
PS. If you’re new to this whole bit or just want a refresher (and a giggle), I’ve laid out a short infomercial on StachetoberFest. Enjoy:

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