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Aloha, This is a simple announement that our Tickets and Apparel are now available for sale. As always, we are completely transparent and would like to explain our apparel situtation and sourcing for this years event. The shop and tickets may look a little different this year.

Running an apparel store and shipping logistics is not the easiest, especially with 100% volunteer run organization. As per usual, with fires and deployments, we are behind the 8 ball. In order to quickly catch up, we are using an On Demand Printing service to print and fulfill orders.

What does this mean?



We hope to have a small inventory of apparel available for sale at the event in case you slackers miss your opportunity to buy online.

Save the date!
Find us a family to support!
Start growing your Umi Umi (8/22)!
Don’t be a douche bag!
More to follow…
PS. If you’re new to this whole bit or just want a refresher (and a giggle), I’ve laid out a short infomercial on StachetoberFest. Enjoy:

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